Wow, what a nice review

I was surfing the internet and found the following review of my book on Epinions. It was such a nice write up I just had to share. Thank you “two elmos”

Incidentally this isn’t the first time I’ve heard of a child using the word please after reading “May I Please Have a Cookie?” Coincidence? maybe.


I like this book more than cookies!!!!!
Mar 30 ’07

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Product Rating: 5.0

Story with a concept! Easy read


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Buy this story! It may be one of the best ones you read to your tot.

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Many of the toddler storybooks that we have are — useless, silly, not based in reality, have no educational value — take your pick. Also, so many of them have sky-high prices!

Not “May I Please Have a Cookie” — my new favorite story!

My mother actually purchased this book for my 2 and a half year old daughter. We had been getting frustrated over the stupid, silly books that we have in her reading collection, and were looking for books that would teach her a concept. She found this book at Walmart for $2.50. What a bargain! It is a pre-reader story, few words, cute pictures, and a concept! The book is a paperback, but has help up fairly well….as well as can be expected for a paperback that one paid $2.50 for! The line of books in the pre-reader category are all paperback. We’ve ripped off some covers, but all in all the books have held up quite well, considering the low price.

Here’s the info on the story:

Alfie the alligator’s mom has baked cookies. Alfie grabs for one, and his mommy tells him there is a better way to get a cookie. She’s trying to teach him to say please. ALfie tries a few different ways to get a cookie, all the wrong ways but very cute and endearing all the same. Eventually he gets frustrated and starts to cry. His mommy then shows him the way to get a cookie — by asking “May I PLEASE have a cookie?”

It’s very sweet, my daughter loves it, and it has certainly pushed her to saying PLEASE more often.

I don’t think we have another story with an alligator in it, nor have I seen any other Alfie the Alligator books. He is cute, a sweet little guy, and his mommy is very nice too. A good character, a good point to the story, a good buy. It’s nice to have a different character too – -I get very sick of Dora and Elmo – -and this gave me the chance to teach her about another animal – one not previously discussed. I also liked the fact that the animals were being portrayed as people — not talking alligators in a pond, if you will — which made the idea more believable.

This book is available on, as well as at Walmart and some Target stores.