Why hasn’t this book won an award?

I just received a very nice email from Mrs. Major’s 1st grade class asking me what my favorite children’s book is. Hmmm, I never had to pick just one before. But I thought back to what I liked as a kid and which books my kids like. And one of our favorites is “The Monster and the End of This Book” by Jon Stone. This is the Sesame Street, Little Golden Book where Grover is afraid to turn the pages.

I just checked if it was still available on Amazon. I was surprised at what I found. This book has been in print for 35 years and has an Amazon sales rank as of this morning of 7,821. There are 106 reader reviews all of which are 5 stars. So it’s not just me that loves this book!

In my humble opinion, I think it “The Monster at the End of This Book” should be award some sort of life-time achievement award. It’s one of the least recognized books in children’s literature. Heck, how many TV show tie-in books have stayed in print for 35 years! And it makes me wonder, what makes a children’s book successful?