What’s Inside a Wacom Intuous Pen?

I went to use my Wacom tablet yesterday and the little white nib on the end of the stylus squished down inside of the pen.  It was sort of like when someone takes the little spring out of a regular ballpoint pen.  I emailed Wacom tech support asking them how I could fix it.  They sent their condolences along with a link to where I could order a new pen for a mere $69.95.  Thank goodness I have an extra pen I can use. Not being able to work for several days because I had to wait for a new pen would be bad.

But anyways since my trusty pen appears to be trashed, why not take it part and see what’s inside.  It was easier to get apart than I imagined. And this website really helped.  All you do is pry the button off with your fingernail.  Then unscrew the little collar that surrounds the nib and slide off the rubber grip.  Once you’ve got the grip off, you’ll see a ridge between where the button goes and the eraser end.  This is where the pen pulls apart.  Pull the two sections apart.  Be careful it pulls hard. There is a skinny little circuit board in there so I wouldn’t twist, just pull it straight out.  Also there is a teeny tiny spring in the eraser end, careful you don’t drop it like I did.   And tada! this is what it looks like inside…

I fiddled with the nib but really couldn’t figure out what was broken.  There were no springs and nothing looked broken.  So I put the whole thing back to together and guess what, it works now!  I’m guessing that maybe the spring on the eraser end got knocked out of place and was not keeping tension on the nib like it should. I don’t really know why it started working again, I’m happy happy it did.