Two Nice Reviews For Please Write Back!

From School Library Journal

PreSchool-Grade 1—In this easy early, early reader, Alfie, a crocodile, sends his grandma a letter that says, “I love you. Please write back.” And then he waits. And asks the mailman. And waits. That’s the entire plot. With the appeal of a bright green croc that has expressive eyes and the concept of sending and receiving mail, this book is bound to capture the interest of youngsters. They can read the letter and the address on the envelope, and enjoy the crocodile stamp. Grandma’s reply finally comes—inside a box filled with cookies. The book is perfect for its intended audience. There is good repetition in the text for early reinforcement and the pictures are just delightful.—Susan Lissim, Dwight School, New York City

Children’s Literature

Any kindergarten or first grade teachers planning a unit on letter writing will want to have this delightful book on hand for their students. Alfie, the main character, writes a letter to his grandmother telling her he loves her and asking her to write back. Not only will readers see Alfie writing, but they will see his handwritten note, illustrating the format for a friendly letter. Alfie is also shown addressing and stamping the envelope, again modeling the correct format. Alfie waits and waits for his grandmother to write back and is ultimately rewarded with not just a letter, but also a box of cookies. Young readers will readily identify with Alfie?his joy and sense of accomplishment in writing to his grandmother, and his dismay at not receiving a prompt response?not to mention the ultimate reward for writing, a batch of homemade cookies! In an indirect way, this book emphasizes the human need for communication, and the letter as a still viable means of communicating. It also provides young letter writers with a handy reference for checking the format of their own missives. Reviewer: Maria Lamattina