Trick-Or-Treat Bucket Craft

These trick-or-treat buckets are made from recycled plastic peanut jars. They are adorable, plus they have the added bonus of being smaller than the store bought treat buckets. Your little ghosts and goblins will feel like they got lots of candy when their bucket is filled to the brim with sweets.  The screw-on lid avoids spills.

* Large plastic peanut butter jar 
* Acrylic craft paints in white, yellow, orange and green
* Drill with 3/16″ drill bit or a sharp object to poke holes into plastic jar.
* 18″ of 5/8″ wide ribbon
* Black magic marker
To make, wash the jar and remove the label. Let dry thoroughly.
Then paint the outside of the jar with non-toxic acrylic craft paint.  I used a combination of orange, yellow and white and swirled them together.  No need to be neat with this part.  I gave mine two coats to make the paint nice and opaque.  Paint the outside of the lid in a similar fashion with with swirls of green and white.
Once the paint is dry, draw a face on your jack-o-lantern using the black marker.

Carefully drill 2 – 3/16″ holes, one on each side of the jar and thread the ribbon through to use as a handle.  Knot the ribbon in the inside to keep it from pulling through.  Of course, using power tools is a job for adults, not small children.
Get creative and make custom treat buckets to accompany everyone’s costumes.  Use silver paint to make a treat jar for a robot, or make a rainbow colored one with sequins for a sparkly unicorn to carry.