Things to Sing About 2008

My Illustration for Kids friends, Jannie and Anette had this great idea to list their accomplishments for 2008 and their hopes and goals for 2009. It sounds like a good way to start the year to me…

There are some things that I’m proud of from 2008

I attended the Winter SCBWI conference in NYC
In NY I got to meet some really great folks like I had previously only know through cyberspace. Wonderful illustrators like Jannie, Leeza, Alicia, Kim and Courtney it was wonderful to meet all of you!

I spoke at the New England SCBWI conference.
I don’t know how well I did. It was my first time speaking in front of grown-ups in years. But at least I got up there and gave it my best. And I had the opportunity to meet Brain Lies who I admire very much and Harold Underdown and I got to catch up with some old friends like Jennifer Meyers and Ginger Nielson and many more.

Book Signing with Jean Cochran

Finally, finally Jean Cochran from Pleasant St. Press and I had a chance to meet. She and her husband Alan are lovely people and it was a pleasure to finally meet them both.

Seeing my book on the cover of Publisher’s Weekly
It was a small thumbnail but it was Publisher’s Weekly and I was very honored.

Attending the Highlights Party

What fun, to be able to do work for an institution like Highlights and get invited to their annual illustrator party. How cool is that?! And I got to meet my long time internet friend Karen Lee and her family in person. What a lovely (and amazingly talented) family.

Finished the illustrations for On a Dark, Dark Night
Gee most of the things I’ve listed so far were social events but I also did a lot of work in the studio this year (honest!) I’m particularly proud of the illos for On a Dark, Dark Night written by Jean Cochran. I’m looking forward to the book’s release this fall.

“May I Please Have a Cookie?” has been out now for three years. But I still get parents telling me how much their kid’s enjoy the book. Some have said it has become “that book” in their house. Parents, you know what I mean, the book that you have to read ever night over and over again. I’m sure it drives the parent’s nuts having to read it over and over again (sorry about that!) but it certainly makes me feel proud that some little person has really enjoyed my book. I hope to have more news about Alfie in the coming year.