The Slipcover Queen

When we remodeled our attic into my new studio space almost 2 years ago, I had envisioned a red sofa along the back wall. At the time I didn’t have a red sofa. I had an ugly beige sofa with an even uglier slipcover on it. I’m the slipcover queen (it drives my husband nuts). And the old sofa was going to be my next victim.

Soon after the studio was done I ran out to the fabric store and bought about 10 yards of red denim. I propped the roll of fabric in the corner and promised myself as soon as things slowed down I would make the slipcover. Well things never slow down around here. But after 2 years I couldn’t stand it anymore and I finally sat down at the sewing machine. And I’m so glad I did. I wish I had a propper before pic. This is the best I could find, you can see the old slipcover with the frilly little flower..

Here’s the new and improved sofa. Not only is the slipcover better looking but my construction methods have vastly improved. I think this one will hold together much better than the old one. I should mention that this isn’t exactly a slipcover. The cushion covers have zippers and are removable but I attached the cover on to the main part of the sofa with a heavy duty staple gun. It’s somewhere between re-upholstering and a slipcover. Slipostering maybe?

I also made some pillow covers. The fabric store was going out of business and I bought up a bunch of fabric swatches and hugely discounted fringe and made these patchwork throw pillows. I was pretty happy with the way they turned out.

Now I have to paint the closet doors…