Stay Mindful with a Glittery Relaxation Bottle

In honor of the release of our new book The Lemonade Hurricane (written by Licia Morelli), here is a fun and relaxing craft project.

Watching these swirly twirly sparklers will definitely help you calm down and become mindful.  Plus they are simple and fun to make!


  • Clear plastic bottle or jar with a cap (old soda bottles work great!)
  • Light corn syrup
  • Food coloring
  • Warm Water
  • Glitter 
  • Duct tape
Make sure your bottle is clean and the labels are removed.  Fill your bottle about one third of the way with corn syrup.  The corn syrup helps the glitter stay suspended in the liquid longer.

Add one or two of food coloring.  Don’t add too much food coloring or you won’t see the glitter later. Fill the bottle to the top with warm water.  Securely replace the cap and shake the bottle until the corn syrup, food coloring and water are mixed thoroughly.

Then remove the cap and add the glitter.  I used approximately one teaspoon of glitter.  The fine glitter works great for this.  Replace the cap.  You can add more glitter or food coloring as desired.

Once you are happy with your glitter bottle, securely replace the cap.  Then cover the cap with some duct tape so it doesn’t come unscrewed.

Note: Please use common sense.  These are bottles full of food coloring, glitter and sticky corn syrup.  Don’t throw them around on your brand new sofa!

For the one above, I used 2 drops of green food coloring, fine green glitter and medium silver glitter.