Rounding Corners in Adobe Illustrator

I was creating a shape in Illustrator today and lamenting yet again how lame the “Stylize -> Round Corners” command is in Illustrator. I was hoping they had improved it in CS5 but alas it’s still the same old function. I just want to be able to select a corner of a shape and apply a radius to it. Rarely do I want to round all the corners of a shape like Illustrator does.

That’s why I was so thrilled to find this page on Hiroyuki Sato’s website today and I just had to share it. Thanks to for the link. If you download the collection of Illustrator scrips on Hiroyuki Sato’s site you will find one called, “Round Any Corner” If you select one or more corners of your shape and run that script*, it will ask you for a radius and apply it to just those selected corner. It makes so much more sense to me than the “Stylize -> Round Corners” command. Some of the scripts didn’t seem to work for me. I don’t know if I was doing something wrong of it’s because they aren’t compatible with CS5, but the round corners one seems to work okay.

*To run a script select “File -> Scripts -> Other Scripts…” Or you can make it show up in the menu by putting the .js file in the “Program FilesAdobeIllustratorCS5PresetsScripts” directory.