Random Acts of Publicity

Random Acts of Publicity is a brilliant idea on the part of Darcy Pattinson. Too often I see or read something that I like and it doesn’t occur to me to pass it along. Which when I think about it seems very silly and selfish. So I will try harder to remember to shout it from the roof tops when I read a book or see something that I like.

Sooo, today’s task was to tell someone about a friend’s book. Well, I was in my studio pretty much all day. But I did recommend The Hunger Games to my friend when we were picking up our kids from school. I’m not a friend of the author, Suzanne Collins (we were suppose to recommend our friend’s book) but my daughter and I both loved the first book. We went out and bought the sequel as soon as it was available. Of course my daughter pounced and devoured it. I just got my hands on it today. I can’t wait to see what happens!

And one more thing that I’d like to recommend. And this one is by one of my friends, Jannie Ho, but it’s not a book. Can you tell I’m having trouble following the rules here? Jannie designed these really cute Chicken Girl rubber stamps. How cute are these??