Postcard Scrapbook

In my effort to be more organized this year I cleaned my work area last night. Not too many surprises except the big dead moth under the USB hub which was pretty nasty. I also cleaned off my bulletin board which was so full of postcards, business cards and various notes that is was impossible to find anything. So I had an epiphany, well, it was more of a “DUH! why didn’t I think of it before?” sort of thing. I have all these beautiful postcards, business cards and Christmas cards that I have collected from my illustrator friends and colleagues so I started a scrap book. It’s kind of nice to see them all together and not buried under a sea of receipts and notices on my bulletin board. I suspect many art director’s probably file their postcard collections in a similar fashion, which made me realize that it’s probably a good thing to put your name on the front of the card as well as the back.