Painting Technique – Monkey Cover #3

Okay just one more post for today then I have to get my fanny in gear and do some more work before I can post any more.

I did this small study of the monkey. I thought it would be funny if the monkey had one of those bead back massager things on the seat and I wasn’t quite sure how to paint it. And this first try proves it! He looks like he’s sitting on a big ear of corn. I think I could’ve fixed it, but my husband talked me into leaving the seat plain. He said that if you haven’t been to NYC then you wouldn’t know what those back-beady things were. Phew, one less thing to worry about it. But if I ever have to draw a seat made of corn, I’m ready! I also noticed today as I’m posting this that the monkey’s left ear is smaller than his right, hmmm.