Painting Technique – Monkey Cover #2

Here is step two. I’ve cleaned up the pencil drawing considerably. Using tracing paper I redrew the piece cleaning things up as I went. I scanned some elements into Photoshop to move and/or resize them then I printed and traced again until I was happy with it. (I go through a lot of tracing paper.) Also I went back into Illustrator and established a horizon line so I could draw all the elements that have to be in perspective (in this case the rows of bus seats) Illustrator is great for that because I can easily make my vanishing points pretty far off the edge of the page if I need to.

I think I am pretty happy with it now. We got the monkey on meds and he’s no long looking like he’s going to kill someone. And since there are nine animals in the story I wanted to fit them all on the bus some how so now they are all there.

Bus number 68 just happens to be the bus my kids take to school in the morning. Although Carol their bus driver is MUCH better looking and her tail is much shorter (just kidding Carol!)