‘On a Dark Dark Night’ is Almost Here!

I’m getting excited. The release date for “On a Dark, Dark Night” is just a week away. (giddy laughter) If you are not in the business you may not realize how long it takes to get a picture book published. We are talking years here. So when one finally comes to fruition it’s a pretty exciting day. In fact, you might say this is what us authors and illustrators live for.

One of the really great perks of having a book come out, is that we get to do author events and book signings. As an illustrator I’m usually locked away in the belfry, um, I mean my studio. Don’t get me wrong I love my job and my studio, but it does get a little lonely sometimes. So getting to go out and share my work with folks is a great treat. And I’ve got several book events scheduled this fall with Jean Cochran, the author of “On a Dark, Dark Night.” One of them is even a costume party at a book store in Salem Mass. How cool is that! You can check out the whole schedule under “book tour” info on the right side of the page.