New England SCBWI

Just getting chance to unpack my bags from the New England SCBWI conference this past weekend. What a great conference. The organizers did an amazing job (as usual) If you are interested in writing or illustrating for children’s books and you live in New England you should really get your keister to this conference next year. Lots of good resources and lots of good inspiration. I went to a fantastic character design session with the amazingly talented Kelly Light on Saturday. I walked away with some great ideas as well as some awesome chocolate chip cookies (I hope she’ll give me her recipe!) And I spent Sunday at an illustration intensive with Dan Yaccarino – how cool is that?!

Plus it’s so great to see all my amazingly talented illustrator friends like Hazel Mitchell (roomie extraordinaire!), Russ Cox (winner of the poster contest times 3!), Teri Weidner, Carlyn Beccia, and Brian Lies just to name a few. And I also got to meet some new friends like Greg Matusic (somebody seriously needs to get this guy a banjo), AP Sabourin, and Misa Saburi. These are just a handful of the wonderful folks I met. There must be something in the water around here to have so much talent.

Today I’m putting all the postcards and business cards I collected over the weekend into my scrap book. It’s good inspiration to look through them plus it helps me remember where I met people. Of course nothing beats the souvenir that Casey Girard came home with. I’m SO jealous that I didn’t think of having everyone draw in my sketchbook.