Most People Illustration Details

Evening Spread - Most People Michael Leannah

For the book Most People by Michael Leannah, I got to create a neighborhood full of characters. Many of them keep popping up throughout the book.  When I was a kid I loved finding little details in illustrations.  So on the last spread we get to peak in the windows and see how the people in the neighborhood enjoy their evenings – coincidentally they are things I enjoy doing – one of the perks of being the illustrator!

This lady likes to knit socks (so do I.)

I imagine this guy dresses like a tough guy, but he likes reading sappy romance novels and sipping tea when he’s alone.  He also likes lacy pillows. 🙂

This guy is video chatting with his relatives who live far away.
Of course I had to add someone reading a story.

Enjoying popcorn and a movie together.
Sharing a meal with family and friends.
Blue Mohawk guy has a soft spot for his cats.