Most People Book Release

In June 2016 just two days after the Orlando nightclub shooting I got an email from Jonathan at Tilbury with the manuscript for “Most People.”  When I read it I teared up. It was exactly what I needed.  I wanted someone to to reminded me that most people aren’t full of hatred.  I wanted someone to hold my hand and tell me is was going to be all right.  I wanted someone to tell me that there is still a lot of love in the world.  And of course I said yes I would be very happy to illustrate the book.

And here we are again.  More violence and killing in the streets.  Killing of perfect strangers not because of who they are but because of what they represent to these aggressors in their twisted view of the world.

I hope this book helps children navigate the world where acts of ugliness and hatred are blared across 24-hour news stations.  There are no easy answers. But I hope children will see past the anger.  I pray they will not meet violence with more violence.  I pray that they will be surrounded by love and by people who will love them no matter who they are and they will not grow up hating someone else because they are different.

“If you could line up all the people who want to be good and all the people who want to be bad. The good line would stretch from here to the tallest mountain.  All the people in the bad line could crowd together in a dark and gloomy room.” – Most People by Michael Leannah

Most People 
by Michael Leannah