Maud the Koala Plush Sweepstakes

Scroll to the bottom for Sweepstakes info.  Hurry the contest ends April 30, 2018.

Do you ever find yourself with pile of felt laying around just waiting to be made into a koala? Stuff like that happens to me all the time. So I made this venti sized Maud the Koala.  My thought was that she would be a cute table decoration at book events.

I was happy with the results but I thought some tweaking of the pattern was in order so I made a smaller version – Meet Maud 2.0.

She was cute and craft felt is easy to sew.  Like her big sister, I filled her rump with plastic beans so she would sit well for display.  But I wanted to try and make a soft cuddly version. So I went back to the drawing board for Maud 3.0.  This time I made her out of fleece for extra squish-ability and hand embroidered the eyes.  I also found some fantastic faux fur at JoAnn’s that made super bushy ears.  I was so pleased with this version that I made four of them.

Head over to the Penguin Kids Facebook page for a chance to win one of my plush creations (You will win one of four fleece versions pictured above) and copies of Maud’s new books Fish Are Not Afraid of Doctors and Much Too Much Birthday.