iPad and Procreate for sketching

Been trying to do some sketching with my iPad this summer. So far I’ve found it pretty useless to use outside in the sun as you can imagine. I may experiment with making some sort of hood for the thing.  But I really like it for sketching in the evening where using regular paints really would be difficult. I’ve downloaded a bunch of different apps and have been bouncing back and forth between then but so far my fav is Procreate.  I also am really liking the nomad brush stylus when I sketch. I just can’t just used to using my finger to draw and the rubber tipped stylus is OK but it tend to grab onto the glass.  I like the fluidity of the brush better.

It’s also fun to take on a long car trip. Just make sure someone else is driving!  These were done on the highway some where near Albany, NY.  I get car sick if I try to read in the car but luckily doodling doesn’t bother me.