Illustration For Kids

I belong to a group called Illustration For Kids. Most freelance illustrators I know work out of their homes which is great when you don’t feel like showering but it can also pretty lonely. Even if you have people around you, rarely are those folks fellow illustrator that you can talk shop with. So several years ago, seven of us got together and started an internet group called Illustration for Kids to offer each other support and company.

I think one of our best ideas was to pool our money and our mailing lists and do quarterly group postcards mailings. I’m very bad about remember to advertise and these quarterly postcards have been great for me. When there are 6 other people involved it isn’t so easy to put postcard mailings off to the side. Here’s our latest postcard that went out last week. Below is a closeup of my contribution. Visit the IFK blog for more info about the other artist’s work.