Illusion Knitting

My new thing is knitting. I’m not great at it or anything but I’m finding it relaxing. There is something very cozy about knitting socks on a cold day. And I was so excited that my very first sock came out looking more or less like a sock. It’s not a great sock but you’d be hard pressed to mistake it for anything but a sock which is more than I had hoped for.

When I was surfing the internet this evening looking for knit patterns I discovered illusion knitting or shadow knitting. This is so cool. When you look at it from straight on it looks like plain stripes but when you look at it from an angle an image appears. You can do a simple pattern or you can go nuts like this person did and knit a portrait of Daniel Radcliffe. Hmmm, I can’t wait to try this. If you google “illusion knitting” you’ll find all sorts of patterns.