Highlights High Five Pewter Plate Award

I remember Highlights Magazine from when I was a kid. So I was absolutely thrilled when I was contacted last year to illustrate for Highlights High Five Magazine. But then this past week, I received a package in the mail that I had won a Highlights High Five Pewter Plate award for best bonus page illustration! Not only that, I actually got the pewter plate! How cool is that?! I have won prizes before and have gotten paper certificates, t-shirts etc. But I think this is the first trophy sort of a thing I’ve every received in my entire life. It’s got my name engraved on it and everything. I quickly hung it on the wall. I was afraid someone might use it for their peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Thank you so much High Five!! Above are some pages from the winning project. It was a tear out page that could be cut and stapled together make a mini book entitled “My First Backpack”