Flubby AKA Handsome

Flubby Is Not a Good Pet!
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Did you know that Flubby is a real cat?  We adopted him 6 years ago from a local animal shelter. We wanted a cat that was sweet and easy going and the shelter workers said, "Boy do we have the cat for you!" Even though he is close to 20 pounds of feline, the other smaller cats were picking on him and he desperately needed a home.

The shelter had named him handsome because he is a big handsome guy.  But my son started calling him Flubby and the name stuck.

One day when he was sunning himself in the hall and I nearly tripped over him the umpteenth time, I asked myself, why? Why do we have this seemingly good-for-nothing creature in our house? He doesn't do much besides eat and sleep and create a tripping hazard. I thought about it for quite a while. And I realized, Flubby just IS.  His contribution to our family is just his being here.  He is here to listen. He's here to sit in your lap after a long day. He is here to remind us stop and enjoy the warmth of the sun on our face.  He reminds us to live in the moment. He reminds us to be a little more like a cat. ?