Drawing from Life – Day 1

I’ve made promises to myself for doing things daily in the past, exercising, drawing, picking up the house, and they never stick. Well eight weeks ago, I pledged that I would exercise every weekday morning for a lousy 20 mintues. 20 minutes isn’t much so I figured maybe, just maybe I would stick to it. Twenty minutes is better than nothing, right? And voila, it seems like 20 minutes is my magic number. I’ve stuck to it for 8 weeks. SOOOOO, now I’m going to try drawing/painting from life everyday for 20 minutes. My goal is to stick with it for at least 7 weeks (35 days). Here’s my entry for day one. I did spend more than 20 minutes today. Party because I was playing with ArtRage. This was done in Photoshop and ArtRage.