Chinese Review

I googled the title of my book this evening and found this great review on a Chinese blog. I’m sure it made more sense in the original Chinese. But this is how google translated it. I kind of like it this way…


May I please have a cookie?
Written by Jennifer E. Morris

小鱷魚喜歡吃cookie,媽媽希望他有禮貌的說please才能吃,不過小鱷魚還是想了一些方法要拿到cookie,他先裝扮成爸爸的模樣,結果失敗了;又用釣勾偷釣餅乾,也被媽媽發現了,還用紙做了假餅乾,但他哭了,他想要真的cookie,媽媽說你的cookie看起來很好吃,問他說:May I please have a cookie?他才知道要用這樣的方式,可以吃到又香又好吃的餅乾囉~ The small crocodile like to eat cookie, and her mother hope that he can be polite to say please eat, but small crocodile or to a number of methods to get cookie, he first herself as a father’s appearance, which ended in failure; Also stolen by fishing hook fishing biscuits, was also found his mother, but also the use of paper made false biscuits, but he cried, He wanted to really cookie, the cookie my mother said you look good to eat, asked he said: May I please have a cookie? He should know that only in this manner can eat and incense and delicious biscuits 1,10 ~