Most People

Written by Michael Leannah
Illustrated by Jennifer E. Morris

2017 Gold Moonbeam Children's Book Award

The world can be a scary place. Anxious adults want children to be aware of dangers, but shouldn’t kids be aware of kindness too?

What People are Saying....

"There’s a similar big-picture approach to diversity in “Most People,” written by the first-time picture book author Michael Leannah and illustrated by Jennifer E. Morris (“May I Please Have a Cookie?”), but the art wisely introduces repeating characters that weave in and out to form a separate narrative that aligns beautifully with the text. “Most people,” we are told, love to smile and laugh. Most people want to help other people. Most people love the sunshine. Most people are good. There are some people who aren’t good, of course, but if you could line up all the good people and all the bad ones, the line of good people would be much, much longer. That simple reasoning is perfectly pitched for its young audience, who will enjoy piecing together the story-within-a-story of the two main characters as they illustrate the messages of the text within the context of their own lives. “Most People” works especially well because it doesn’t just tell children to “be” good. It shows them how to “do” good.)

— R. J. Palacio NY Times Book Review

“...Summing up people as good or bad is, of course, an over generalization, but it can help start conversations for a wide variety of matters: race, religion, gender, and class. Older children might participate in discussions revolving around consequences of actions that could be both good and bad―for example, the graffiti shown here as “bad” could, under other circumstances, be “good.” This offers a fairly simple and positive perspective on the world around us.”

- Booklist

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