Meet Maud the Koala

Meet Maud the Koala

Two books in one! Maud is a typical young koala--she likes to have fun at the playground, go to dance class, and practice tae kwon do. But sometimes she feels anxious, and she isn't sure how to handle it! By using her imagination and getting a little help from her friends, Maud discovers ways to face some of the things that at first seem so scary.

In Fish Are Not Afraid of Doctors, Maud gets nervous waiting at the doctor's office for a checkup, so she looks to the fish tank in the waiting room for comfort. When she has to get a shot, she shuts her eyes and pretends she's a fish! In Much Too Much Birthday, Maud is having a birthday party with all her friends. But when the guests arrive and the party gets packed, she isn't so sure it was such a good idea after all. What will happen if Maud can't bear her own birthday?

What People are Saying....

"Young readers will connect with Maud and will look forward to her next outing."

— School Library Journal

"Maud is a sympathetic character in a simply told story. Well-structured and appealing..."

— Booklist

... Maud is an appealing character.Useful in physicians’ offices and early-childhood classrooms and for children whose nerves might be a bit jangly.

- Kirkus

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