The Lemonade Hurricane

Written by Licia Morrelli
Illustrated by Jennifer E. Morris

2016 Maine Literary Award Winner - Best Children's Book
Selected as Notable Social Studies Trade Book For Young People 2016
Gelett Burgess Honor Book

Emma doesn't really like hurricanes. After a busy day of school and activities, Emma likes to sit still and rest. Her little brother, Henry, does everything but. She calls him The Lemonade Hurricane. Henry is a lot of fun when he's not storming through the house, so Emma decides to teach him how to be still. By showing him how to sit, bow, and breathe, Emma is able to calm the hurricane within Henry.

What People are Saying....

"Every now and again a children's book comes along that efficiently sheds light on the practices of meditation and mindfulness in a way that makes it all more accessible, both for kids and adults. Lemonade Hurricane is the nickname of one of the two siblings whom we'll meet in this lovely book; one meditates, one will learn the value of meditation during the story. Super sweet, this short, understandable look at how we can all approach our sittings with clarity and simplicity is a perfect gift for kids everywhere. And any kids book that inspires me to sit myself down upon reading is priceless..."

— Elena Brower, Teach.yoga

"It's a useful reminder of the patience involved in being a good sibling. "

— Publisher's Weekly

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