If a Monkey Jumps Onto Your School Bus

Written by Jean Cochran
Illustrated by Jennifer E. Morris

What do you do if a monkey jumps onto your school bus . . . or a hippo shows up for breakfast . . . or an elephant wants to run the bases at your ball game? Find out in this hilarious guide on what to do if the animals escape from your local zoo. Gorgeous eyecatching illustrations from award winning illustrator Jennifer E. Morris compliment the rhythmic text.

What People are Saying....

"This book is published by Pleasant Street Press, a new small press publishing children's books whose first books were released in December. I wanted to point this out, because I think it is so important that we start looking beyond the large publishers for quality books. This book is structured as a guide book for what you should do if the animals break out of the local zoo and start heading your way. And what should you do? If a hippo appears offer her pancakes and tea. Let the lion drive the carpool. And just get out of the elephant's way as he rounds the bases. The book is filled with humor and situations that children will enjoy. The juxtaposition of zoo animals and their everyday routines will get children engaged and laughing along. To add to the fun, try to spot the monkey on each page. Cochran's jaunty rhymes contribute to the spirit of fun and move the book along at a romping pace. Morris' art is vivacious, colorful and very child-friendly. The docile animals add to the fun without creating any worry at all for children, even the grinning alligator is friendly. Share this one for storytimes on any zoo animal, but especially monkeys. The rhyming is fun to read aloud and the illustrations will project well to a group."

— Tasha Saecker, Kid Lit

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