Eduardo Guadardo: Elite Sheep

Eduardo Guadardo: Elite Sheep

Written by Anthony Pearson
Illustrated by Jennifer E. Morris

Eduardo Guadardo may look fluffy. He may look cute. But he’s no little lamb. He’s about to graduate from the FBI—that’s the Fairytale Bureau of Investigations—as an Elite Sheep. He knows five forms of kung fu, and he can outfox the foxiest of foxes. In fact, he’s so good they put him on his own case: to keep the farmer’s daughter, Mary, safe from Wolf, Troll, and Witch. It’s a job for somebody baaaaaaad—someone like a soon-to-be Elite Sheep. The thing is, protecting Mary isn’t quite as easy as Eduardo expected… This imaginary backstory for “Mary Had a Little Lamb” is hilarious, action-packed, and filled with subterfuge (that means pulling the wool over your eyes, for you civilians).

What People are Saying....

"This is a zany adventure with vivid cartoon characters and a multitude of jokes on every page. Perhaps there will be more adventures for the Elite Sheep. The premise is a promise of more to come."

— New York Journal of Books

"What a fun and quite smart idea! I didn’t know that I ever wondered how Mary got her lamb, but this backstory is one epic way for that nursery rhyme to come about! "

— Unleashing Readers