Book Trailer – Part One

Okay I’ve seen all these great book trailers out there and my kids spend hours looking at silly videos on YouTube. So I figured it’s about time I get with the program. I’m going to try and build a 30 second book trailer for my upcoming book On a Dark, Dark Night. On a Dark, Dark Night was written by Jean Cochran and illustrated by yours truly and will be released this fall.

I decided to use Windows Movie Maker for this experiment because it’s already on my computer. First I created 4.jpg images to use in my movie (I used Photoshop for this because that’s what I’m most familiar with). Three of the files are simply type on a blue background. The fourth is even simpler, just a light blue background – for a lightening effect.

I also downloaded a couple of sound effects from free sound effects websites and I found some music in the “samples” folder of my PC that I thought worked nicely. It took while playing around with the sound and the timing, and reading the Movie Maker help files. But I’m pretty happy with my first try. This is actually kind of fun. Steven Spielberg watch out!

The next step was to publish my masterpiece on the internet. When I was happy with the way it looked, I created a .wmv file by clicking “File->Publish Movie…”. I compressed it to 1MB to save space an upload times, especially since this is only a test. Then I signed up for a YouTube account. Once my account was set up I uploaded my video to YouTube.

And then so I could show you my creation here on my blog, I embedded the video into my post. In case you’re wondering here are the directions for how to do that.