Amazon Rankings

I confess, I’m guilty of watching my Amazon sales rankings. Okay lately I’ve been sneaking a peak every morning because for some reason “May I Please Have a Cookie?” has been doing crazy well (under 1,000). Sales rankings are one of those things I never paid attention to before I had a book in print. But I think everyone who is published has been mildly obsessed with checking sales rankings at one time or another. And of course I also check and see if there there are any new customer reviews. If you write a customer review on Amazon, I don’t know if anyone other customers will read it, but I bet you the author of the book will.

I found a funny post by Bex Huff where he checks everyday to see what books are more and less popular than his. It sort of puts ones work in perspective.

So I thought it would be fun to see how my book fit into the the scheme of things. Since my book is written for preschoolers, I thought it would only be fair to compare it to other picture books. So today, Noverber 15, 2001, “May I Please Have a Cookie?” is less popular than “If you give a Dog a Donut” But more popular than “Rah Rah Radishes.” Which just goes to show, everything is better deep fried.