56 Party Guests

In Much Too Much Birthday, Maud Invites 56 guests to her birthday party.  As you have probably figured out already 56 guests was much too much.  I wanted to make every guest a different type of animal and I wanted to make sure if someone counted they would find all 56 (a decisions I was seriously reconsidering part way through illustrating this spread).  
I decided to stick to mammals in Maud’s world because bird wings are difficult to anthropomorphize into hands and fish have their own problems. There was no particular reason for the animals I chose.  Some I picked because I like the way the look like tree kangaroos and bush babies.  And some I picked because I liked the sound of their name, like numbats and wombats. 

Some people might say wait a minute! In real life, a hippo, a horse, and a rabbit are NOT all the same size. That is true.  But they also don’t wear clothes and play hit the pinata.

Here’s the entire list if you are the kind of person who likes that sort of thing…
  1. Numbat
  2. African Elephant
  3. Panda
  4. Rabbit
  5. Cheetah
  6. Horse
  7. Hippo
  8. Monkey
  9. Kangaroo
  10. Skunk
  11. Opossum
  12. Black Bear
  13. Goat
  14. Raccoon
  15. Hedgehog
  16. Red Fox
  17. Pig
  18. Honey Badger
  19. Sheep
  20. Tasmanian Devil
  21. Poodle
  22. Beaver
  23. African Wild Dog
  24. Cow
  25. Mountain Goat
  26. Grizzly Bear
  27. Mouse
  28. Porcupine
  29. Lynx
  30. Giant Ant Eater
  31. Grey Squirrel
  32. Platypus
  33. Moose
  34. Red Panda
  35. Asian Elephant
  36. Wood Chuck
  37. Tiger
  38. Musk Rat
  39. Chimpanzee
  40. Badger
  41. Deer
  42. Rhino
  43. Tree Kangaroo
  44. Snow Monkey
  45. Giraffe
  46. Zebra
  47. Bush Baby
  48. Golden Retriever
  49. Llama
  50. Otter
  51. Echidna
  52. Puma
  53. Wombat
  54. Cat
  55. Quoll
  56. Ibex