J.E. Morris Illustration

Fish Are Not Afraid of Doctors

Maud the Koala in
Fish Are Not Afriad of Doctors

By Jennifer E. Morris
Illustrated by Jennifer E. Morris

Maud the koala knows a visit to the doctor will help keep her healthy–so why is she so scared? Maud gets nervous waiting at the doctor’s office for a checkup, so she looks to the fish tank in the waiting room for comfort. Fish don’t have to go to the doctor–she wishes she could be a fish. So when Maud has to get a shot, she shuts her eyes and pretends exactly that: She becomes an aquatic version of herself and pretends to swim through the sea, blowing bubbles and meeting other marine life, until she hears the doctor telling her it’s all done!

J. E. Morris’s charming illustrations and comic-like panels make this a unique format with a narrative style perfect for storytime.

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What People Are Saying...

From Kirkus
... Maud is an appealing character. Useful in physicians’ offices and early-childhood classrooms and for children whose nerves might be a bit jangly. (Early reader. 4-8)

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