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A Gluten-Free Birthday For Me!

A Gluten-Free Birthday For Me!

By Sue Fliess
Illustrated by Jennifer E. Morris

It's my birthday. . . I can't wait! Time for us to celebrate! House is ready, Set for fun. Cake's the last thing, then we're done. Can't use flour, Can't use wheat. . .That's got gluten! What's to eat?

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Gluten-Free Award Winner
Recognized as one of the best gluten free children's books by the Fifth Annual Gluten-Free Awards.



PiƱatas, relay races, painted faces, removable tattoos, and even cake that gluten-free folks can eat. Sounds like a fabulous kids' birthday party to me! No one has to feel left out. Presents, party favors, and everyone goes home. Adults, kids, the baby, and the dog have a wonderful time. - Miranda Dermott Bronx Library Center

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